An Affiliate program is a marketing system where you offer others an incentive (such as a commission) for other companies to advertise your site. The companies who join are called affiliates and they only earn a commission on actual sales you receive from their site.

You can offer the affiliates a choice of marketing options, the most popular being banners, e-zine adverts and text links. You pay affiliates only after the results of the advertising have come in i.e. $500 of sales, or 10,000 clicks.

The more sites you join to your affiliate network the more traffic and exposure you get, promoting your site all over the internet. You only pay for results of your choosing, the most popular types of affiliate program being, PPS (pay per sale) and PPC (pay per click). AllAffiliatePro affiliate software can be used to create virtually any type of affiliate program, not limiting you to only one type, you may offer several types of program at the same time, allowing your affiliates to choose their preferred incentive.

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