• Custom Web Design

    This package is for companies who want a 'brochure' style web site which shall inform visitors of the company's details, products, services etc. This is the simplest style of web site, yet it can be extremely effective for such a small cost.

  • Web Site Makeover/Redesign

    If you already have a web site, yet it requires updating or a new look then our Redesign service is perfect for you!

  • Web Site Templates

    Using a web template is one of the easiest ways to get a professional looking website online easily, fast and at a price anyone can afford.

  • Content Management Systems

    Content Management Systems are great for companies that want to constantly update there website anytime and anywhere. We can create a theme for any popular CMS so that you can have multiple users login in through any web browser to update your site.

  • e-Commerce

    Our e-commerce package enables you to have a virtual shop on the Internet individually tailored to your company's requirements, products and services. It is possible to either 'rent' a shop front or to purchase the complete package.


  • Affiliate Software

    Have your banners viewed across the internet and only pay for results. This gives you the exposure you need to establish branding and awareness, but without the huge costs of banner advertising.

  • Custom Banner Ad Creation

    Designed for a broad-range of businesses from family oriented websites to sites with adult content.

Other Services

  • Website Maintenance

    This package is for companies that do not have the time or skills to maintain the content of their web site.

  • Website Hosting

    If you need hosting for your present sites or for a brand new one, we can supply you with all you need at very low cost.

  • Domain Registration

    If you do not have a web site address or you would like us to manage your domain names for you we also offer domain registration service and transfers.

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